AI Formula Writer

Formula Wizard is a software that can write Excel, Airtable, and Notion formulas for you at the click of a button.


Why you should use our AI

Formula Wizard is a software that can write Excel, Notion, and Airtable formulas. Instead of wasting time handwriting formulas and looking through documentation, let our AI do the heavylifting so you can focus on your work.


Write Excel formulas

You can use this app to automate the tedious process of writing Excel formulas.

Unlock insights

It can write formulas that can mine insights from spreadsheets.

Save time

Formulas are really annoying to write. So, let our AI do it for you.

Easy to use

Just describe your goal, and the AI will try to write a formula to solve it.


Notion Formulas

Our AI system also supports writing Notion formulas.

Easily customize templates

With our app, you can quickly and easily customize templates you found.

Automate tedious tasks

Instead of formatting cells by hand, easily automate it using our AI.


Airtable Formulas

Quickly and easily automate chores for your Airtable database.

Advanced filtering

Make formulas that can find entries that match even the most specific criteria.

Run advanced calculations

Run advanced mathematical models on your data, just by clicling a few buttons.

Validate data

Ensure that all records follow certain requirements, and make the appropriate adjustments, with very little effort.


Frequently Asked Questions

Ready to save time and unlock insights in your data?

Formula Wizard is a free software that enables automates the tedious task of writing Excel, Notion, and Airtable formulas.
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